Barrel Runner

Today’s Pint Sized review is brought to you by Barrel Runner by Founders! Part of their Barrel Aged series, this brew has been, for lack of better words because my thinker is on the fritz, aged in rum barrels.

Barrel Runner

It’s like if Sauron was a cat. 

Cracking open the bottle, my heart started pounding. My Puerto Rican ancestors were stirring from the beyond. They whispered, “¿Que pasa? ¿Ron?” Which I then had to quickly use Google Translate because I’m a terrible Puerto Rican.

It mean, “Gimme that shit,” apparently.

Pouring the beer it had a golden, clear as sunshine hue. Like dehydrated urine, but costs more because sure, why not? Foamy head that stuck around for a bit. Loving it already.

Upon the nose it’s very, VERY apparent that this did time in a rum barrel prison. That sharp, almost medical alcohol scent cut right through nearly blocking out the rest. It tastes like a pirate drowned in a vat of beer that was also made with rum.

I’m still smelling this.

I’m already drunk. You can get that booze smell so heavily with every whiff. It doesn’t take much. Hops can be pulled from it as well. I may be surrounded by the smell of Corgi a bit too much right now to properly pull apart the scent, but rum is super high on that note. A bit of sweetness, like a sugar cane almost.

Badger Being Adorable

But not as sweet at this guy! Don’t let him fool you though, he’s absolutely wasted here. 

Tasting this brings out a whole different world, man. That rum bite is still there, but the rest of the beer comes off like a sweet, sweet barleywine. It has that thick syrupy texture, but is so light and fresh. The hops do a great job of cutting that sweetness too, so you don’t feel like a sorority girl chugging Smirnoff Ice (maybe another day I’ll review Smirnoff Ice) and puking her guts out on the quad.

It’s so weird, it coats my mouth with a slick texture that isn’t unpleasant, but then also burns as rum does. I don’t know how to explain this. 404 sensation not found.

Jesus, this is 11.1%.


This beer rules. Refreshing, complex, and you don’t need many to have a great time. My recommended pairings include the high seas, Hi-C, and Vitamin C to avoid scurvy. Or just the song Graduation (Friends Forever) by Vitamin C.

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