Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to drink every beer on the planet.

Ok, maybe not quite. But our mission is simple. The Pint Sized Review will create fun, humorous, and informative reviews of beers (craft and non-craft) to provide accurate descriptions for those who are not versed on the intricacies of beer tasting. The Pint Sized Review will shy away from terms and descriptors often found in more polished and cicerone-centric critiques so as to provide a springboard for the uninitiated to become familiar with quality brews and smaller-batch beers.

From a few bottles in the kitchen to huge brewery tours, we plan on spreading the joy that is the craft beer scene to everyone and demystifying the pomp and circumstance behind the curly handlebar mustaches and fixed-gear bikes.

We believe that every sip is a peek into the mind of the brewer. We savor it as a work of art and work of heart and want to share it with everyone we meet.

So have a drink and let’s get weird with it, baby!