Tuaca and To Bad Days

Today was not an easy day. So in lieu of a beer from my staff, I present to you… Tuaca! A simple Italian brandy liqueur that features heavy vanilla and citrus flavors.


This shit is a damn dream to imbibe. It’s like a creamsicle that gets you drunk. But not fight drunk like a 40 of malt gets me. Drunk like I can come to terms with life’s unrelenting insistence that I am but an insignificant speck in a Herculean and infinite universe with no end, beginning, or discernible middle to which I am helpless to navigate with no certain northern star or compass to guide or lead me to a fruitful endeavor worthy of the sacrifice of the one life in which we are all doomed to watch TV and die eating microwaved dinners made of ingredients we cannot pronounce composed of the very molecules and atoms that likewise form the very foundations of stars and other celestial bodies of which our small and immaterial human consciences can ne’er comprehend on even the most basic and fundamental levels required to better know what one can refer to as “Pretty Much Damn Near Everything.”

… it’s been a long day. Have some Tuaca. Helps you think!



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