Coors Light

Day 4 of the Pint Sized Review! From my birthday batch of beers we have something not exactly “craft”… Coors Light! Made by Coors Brewing Company somewhere in I dunno some place with mountains. The Stonies or something.

Coors Light
Anywho, this light lager has a very thin mouthfeel to it. Watery, almost. Color of mead, like honey dissolved in rain. On the nose you get… not much. Kind of a dorm room smell. That could be psychological.

Upon tasting it you get a malt flavor and a heavy microwaved bag of frozen sweet corn taste. Like corn syrup and radiation mixed with frat party stank.

No significant head to write home about, little to no carbonation, and 4.2% ABV doesn’t give your liver much of a greeting so much as it is a 3am text saying, “U up?”

Price is right, though. If you’re looking to party with people who don’t have a sense of smell, I highly recommend pairing this with with hockey games or rowdy bouts of lawn darts. Silver bullets are not recommended for those suffering from lycanthropy.

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