Hey there, readers! Long time, no beer! It’s been a bit of a transition for us in the Farney household. I’ve taken a new job as a brewery manager, and my wife has been doubling down with teaching. We’ve been going nonstop and haven’t had much downtime to sit, relax, or really anything recreational. I often forget what my wife’s face looks like, we go so long without seeing each other, so she sends me selfies to remind me.


Our cell service is unreliable.

2018 has been a banner year for us and a year of changes, and 2019 will be no different! So in honor of the changes we’ve gone through, I’m going to talk about a beer that really changed how I imagine a beer can taste.

Ore Dock Blond.jpg

This Pint Sized Review is brought to us by The Blond by Ore Dock Brewing Company from Marquette, MI! Let’s just dive in, shall we?

This looks beautiful ambery, golden yellow. Looks like if a mosquito was trapped in it we could clone dinosaurs. The first pour has a super tall, foamy and rocky head. Cloud-like and thick.


This image floats around in my mind as I tunelessly hum.

A little bit about Ore Dock- they are very well known for their Belgian beers, and this is no exception to that expectation. Their biggest problem is that they don’t distribute anywhere close to me. 

On the smell, it smells so citrusy. Lemony, with a serious honey wave to it. The bottle says stonefruit, but what do they know? If I didn’t know better, I’d say it smelled like when you open up a can of Clorox wipes for the first time, but you wanna drink it and review it online.



Taking a taste of this, I’m blown away. This is really good drinking. It’s the thickest blond beer I’ve ever had.


The thiccest.

This is absolutely incredible. Wow. On second sip I pick up a little bit of a banana-like hint, sorta like a hefeweizen. This is just really good. Leaves a slick coating in your mouth and clings on for dear life.


Joke not found. This is just a really good beer. 

I’m blown away. Usually for me, blond beers don’t present a ton of flavor notes and complexity and usually come across as just an easy-drinking beer that is easy to throw down, but not this. The Blond has so much going on, the citrus, the wheaty malt, the texture of the pint, the peppery notes and spiciness and the honey and just everything happening in this little glass comes together to drive my taste buds to nirvana. This even comes in at 8%, so every sip counts.


Make it count, Aquaman. 


If you can find this beer, get it. It’s incredible, and makes me believe the old saying truly goes, “Gentlemen prefer blond beers.”

Here’s to new adventures!



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