Introducing: Pint Sized Reviews

I like beer.

We’ve heard that enough in the news as of late, but forget that guy. I like GOOD beer. And occasionally some shitty beer. Earlier this year I turned 30 years old and my staff, knowing how much of a fan I am, bought me 30 different beverages to try in celebration.

Now, they know I love all kinds of brews, and they thought they were buying all craft beers and high quality concoctions… but they don’t know much about beer at all. Which is great! I made a joke that I was going to review every single one, from the weird microbrew beer that has twigs and stuff in it to the popping flavors of Milwaukee’s Best.

I’m sticking to my word. I’ve been reviewing every single one in every detail- from color, aroma, mouthfeel, to what the flavors make me feel like… and then some!

I started my reviews on Instagram and Facebook, but I realize that, as usual, I have a little bit more to say than the character limit keeps me to. So I’m letting that fun project spill onto this site here. Enjoy the Pint Sized Review! Sláinte!


30 beers


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